My go to pot roast recipe 20+ years ago included a ready to go pouch of seasoning… I didn’t trust myself to make it from scratch. Well, those packets have dairy in them. And many other “quick and easy” pot roast recipes are the same way or they have a lot of processed foods in them which can make the dish very high in sodium.  So when I was nursing my son, I started experimenting with various ways to make a pot roast using fresh ingredients. The recipe below has been tweaked many times over the years. I often change up the way I serve it as well. In the summer time or when I’m rushed, I’ll toss in potatoes and carrots for the last hour of cooking. If it’s winter, I will often cook roasted root vegetables in the oven. It would even be tasty with some fresh rice and a green vegetable.

One thing to note is the cut of meat that you choose when you’re getting your ingredients. I think a common mistake is choosing just any cut of beef that has “roast” on the label.  But for the tastiest pot roast, you want to make sure and choose a boneless “chuck roast.” These are going to have a good amount of marbling on them which will help enhance the flavor in your final product.

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